My Daily Must-Haves - Part 2

Just wanted to share with you a few more products I've been using EVERY day for the past few months... 

For the past few months I've been applying safflower oil with  Vit. E as my daily facial moisturizer. I always used oils instead of regular face creams, but then I read this blog post by my blogger-friend Anna about comedogenic ingredients. Turned out that certain oils can clog your pores and that definitely explained some pore issues I was having - thank you so much, Anna!!!! One of the "safe" ones turned out to be safflower oil and I've been using it daily ever since;-)

Something I start EVERY single day with - VIA by Starbucks (any dark roast blend) 
with some dark chocolate
All natural sugar-free Spry gums. They contain Xylitol which is believed to help keep our teeth healthy. I usually buy big 100 piece containers and then refill smaller ones to carry with me...
Blossom Perfume by Herban Cowboy. This perfume is one of those finds you can't help but tell EVERYONE about! It's the first all-natural perfume that I don't have to convince myself into liking;-)
I've always been a granola bar girl. My recent daily favorites were GoMacro, Larabar (nothing can beat their simplicity of ingredients!) and...

... Square protein bars (DELICIOUS!).

Since I don't like using any facial cleanser in the morning (I simply rinse my face with cold water), I usually use cleansing wipes instead. Yes to Cucumbers is definitely one of my favorites!
And I finally started drinking wine before bed every night;-) Well, they say it's great for your health PLUS++++ I sleep like a baby after that!!!;-)


  1. Машенька, очень люблю твои обзоры! Всегда столько интересного. Жаль, что у нас такие товары очень редко можно встретить, но вино точно было;)

    1. Spasibo, Natasha! Ya zametila, chto vse rano ili pozdno doxodit potom do vashix magazinov - esli eto xoroshiy prodykt, konechno;-)

  2. Интересные вещички....

  3. Maria,

    out of curiosity, why do you use oils instead of face cream? Is it because of the chemicals in face creams?

    Btw thanks for referring to my blog post!


    1. Thank YOU, Anna, for your amazing posts! I don't like water based creams because they all have preservatives. Until I find a better alternative, I decided to just go with oils instead....

  4. I need those cleansing wipes! All good products!!

    1. Thank you, Kato! SOOO happy to see you♥♥♥

  5. I love your blog, dear!

  6. Hi! I love your blog, I've gotten so many great recipes from you- I especially can't wait to try the toilet bombs! ^_^
    And I was just wondering- have you tried making your own wipes? I found a recipe and made some just two days ago, and I already love them! I purposely used ingredients that are gentle enough that these wipes are literally ALL-purpose, but I've actually used them mostly on my face so far! Here's the recipe if you'd like to try- it's small amounts because this fits perfectly into a normal rectangular wipes container that I already had.
    1 oz feminine wash (after next week, I'm using your recipe! ^_^ )
    1 oz baby oil
    1 oz witchhazel
    12 oz (distilled) water (1.5 cups)
    8 baby washcloths, cut into fourths (you end up with 32 wipes that are washable and reusable!)
    Empty wipes container (I used one I already had, which happened to be an Always one.)
    Mix all ingredients in a bowl, place the cloths in the wipes container, and pour the solution over them.
    I hope you like the recipe- I just wanted to share! Next time I'm also adding a tiny amount of tea tree oil so that the solution stays fresh, and I may cut the ingredients in half so there's not quite so much liquid. =)

    1. OMG, thank you SO SO much, Shelby - this is such an amazing idea! Especially since I was just thinking the other day about how much I spend on all sorts of wipes - it's ridiculous:-( I will definitely need to give your recipe a try - thank you for taking time to share it with me, Shelby, I truly appreciate it!

  7. Милая блогерша, поздравляем Вас с Днем Рождения!!!

  8. Hi Maria,
    Great blog! Love your recipes for homemade skin care.
    About xylitol in chewing gum (and other products)? Read on, please:

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