DIY Natural After Sun Soothing, Cooling and Cleaning Wipes - w/ Aloe Vera, Peppermint and Rosewater. Homemade Recipe.

I bet it happened to most of you: you're in the car driving home after a few hours spent on the beach. Your skin is not only sweaty, thirsty and covered with sand, but the sunscreen also made it super sticky. Yeah, it's summer "fun", baby!;-) Since I hate having my skin go thru all this summer "fun" madness, I came up with this quick and easy DIY - after sun cleaning, soothing and cooling wipes. Now, it's one of the most important products in my beach bag - after sunscreen and sunglasses of course;-))) And to be honest I used my very first bag at home the same day I made it - I kept wiping my face, my feet and legs;-))) It's just so cooling, soothing and moisturizing, yet it doesn't give you any greasy feeling you get from some lotions and creams. Perfect for summer! It was love at first use;-)))

WHAT I USE (ingredients for 10 wipes):

    --1 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel - soothes, heals and re-hydrates skin
    --8 drops of Peppermint Oil - kills bacteria and has an amazing cooling as well as healing effect
    --1/2 cup Distilled Water  
    --1 tbsp  Rose Water - optional - helps retain moisture, nourishes, cools and refreshes skin
    --Spray Bottle
    --Ziploc Bag 
    --Dry Floor Clothes - I got a pack of 20 at Dollar Tree


    I first mix together aloe vera gel and peppermint oil. After that I add rose water and distilled water, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and then spray it onto the wipes. I then store the wipes in a Ziploc bag. And that's it! Try them out and you might fall in love with them as much as I did;-))))
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    1. Great! will give it a try.

      1. Thank you, Diana! hope you'll like them;-)

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    9. This is pretty cool. I like that you turned something that you had into something that you needed. [=

      1. Thank you, Keren;-)))) That's a skill I've been working on all my life;-)))

    10. Hey I really love this product - looks really lovely!
      Would be great if we followed each other so let me know on my blog? Thanks, Sarah x

    11. I wanna try it!! *^* you're so good!

    12. why spray them? put the wipes into the ziplock bag and pour the mixture in!

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    15. Great! Peppermint is my favorite ingredients among all mentioned above. This peppermint helps in preventing skin infections. The ability of the product to deeply penetrate the skin allows for it to work longer on the needs of the skin.

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