"Autism Grows Up" with Producer Joe Barr

On Monday I talked to Joe Barr about the documentary Autism Grows Up created by Capital Public Radio - NPR-member here in California. Joe is one of the producers of the project and what he told me totally got me thinking...
about how little we know about the problem of autism among... adults! It is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the US, and we always talk about it in the context of children, but those kids eventually grow up - at 22 they must transition from special services into adulthood and be on their own. That transition was exactly the focus of the documentary and I definitely recommend you listen to it - most likely we all have friends or family members who have been affected by autism...


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  6. I agree :) I am in the progress of writing an assignment about autism. People don't understand that there are different types of autism. There are people who have this disorder and are able to live independently and others who need a lot of support in order to function. It is very nice that you have decided to write about this on your blog, because not many people do.

    Btw very nice blog :)

    1. Thank YOU, Anita! to be honest I was one of those people and had little understanding as to what autism exactly was and that it is THAT different from case to case, until I listened to that program and then talked to Joe... it was an eye-opening experience. So thank YOU for being interested in the subject, it's definitely something that needs to be talked more about...

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