Life in Pictures: It's Almost Christmas Time!

Are you guys already feeling Christmas coming? Well, you'll feel some of it in this Life in Pics post;-)
 Working on putting my home office together
My morning Christmas reminders:
This week I ordered Starbucks Christmas Advent Calendar, I just fell in love with it for three simple reasons: 
1) each compartments contains 5g dark chocolate bars which is very healthy for your heart! 
2) it's customizable - I can open each compartment and put a tiny gift or a love note in there, which is perfect cuz I bought it for someone else♥♥♥  Plus five of the compartments already have surprises in them.
3) It's reusable - I'm totally planning on reusing it next year for this same person;-)
 My new favorite Sunday coffee mug:-)

Drinking Pepsi out of Coca Cola glasses while watching Serendipity. (Hey, it's almost Christmas time;-)
I was given a family pack for the Disney on Ice Show, so I took my friend and her two kids to go and check it out. It was quite entertaining and very beautiful, I have to admit (sitting in the first rows definitely helped enjoy the show). And the Can you feel the love tonight song during the Lion King part totally made me cry!
By the way, there's a Russian girl dancing in the show too. She plays Belle in Beauty and the Beast and Nala in The Lion King. I had a chance to talk to her a few weeks ago, her story is really amazing, cause Disney invited her to move to the US to dance with the show when she was 17 and she's been touring with them ever since.
 Relaxing shot;-)...

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  1. I love this beauty and the beast costume! :D
    Lovely pictures ❤
    X Deja

    1. thanks, Deja, all their costumes were amazing - a lot of ideas for Halloween;-)

  2. Машенька, какая прелесть! Волшебство рождества.. ) ЖАль в России этому празднику не уделяют должного внимания((

    1. Спасибо, Леночка! Мне тоже в России всегда не хватало этого - особенно семейности Рождества:-))

  3. чудесный блог)

    взаимно пч?

    welcome :)

  4. I love your life in pictures posts! :)

  5. Replies
    1. I know - I got a lot of Christmas joy from reading your blog posts, Katherine;-)


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