Homemade Face Scrub


My DIY recipe to deep-cleanse pores, kill acne-causing bacteria as well as exfoliate, mineralize and heal skin.

My Daily Must-Haves - Part 2

Just wanted to share with you a few more products I've been using EVERY day for the past few months... 

Five-minute Natural Chocolate Candies: Recipe

"Valentine's Day is in TWO  days?! What?!" I feel like I've been living under a rock or something, but I somehow totally missed it. So today I had to create at least something love-related to prepare for Friday. Nothing screams V-Day more than chocolate, hearts and... homemade gifts. So here it is: my 5-minute all-natural chocolate candies that can make a perfect last-minute gift for our loved-ones♥♥♥

My Recent Must-Have Mobile Apps: It's All Abt Efficiency;-)

There's a ton of amazing apps out there, yet discovering them can get really hard and time-consuming. That's why every time someone shares his/her favorites I get really curious, since that's pretty much the best way for us to get introduced to new cool apps - at least for now. Anyway, here's the ones I've been using on a regular basis lately.

Going Vegan: My Healthy Meat Alternatives

 Going vegan may sound like a healthy decision, yet it can end up detrimental to our health if we don't find vegan substitutes for the nutrients found in animal products. Those nutrients include protein, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins B3, B6 and B12. Here's how I made sure that I still get those from my new diet....

Sanctuary Beach Resort in Monterey Bay

Going to this resort at least once a year has become a real tradition of ours, but this year I was ready to break it. When Andrey booked it for us and a few friends, I simply had no choice but to say "no" because of disastrous lack of time... And I stayed home at first, but... then ended up driving there all by myself a day later - traditions should be respected, after all;-)

My First New Year's Resolution EVER: Eating Fruit 'n Berries in Season.

I didn't really plan it as a NY's resolution - I've been wanting to plan out my "fruit calendar" for months now, and it just happened so that I finally did it on... December 31st;-) So why not calling it my first EVER New Year's Resolution?;-) I thought I'd share with you the calender I put together - I hope it will give you some ideas also!

Four Ways to Purify Indoor Air Naturally

Recently I read on WebMD site that indoor air quality is almost always worse than the air quality outside. It turned out that all the pollutants that float in the air outside eventually make their way inside our homes and office buildings. Yet indoors we have plenty more sources of pollution that add greatly to all the "goodness" we breath in - both at home and at work (where we spend almost 99% - if not 100% - of our time!) Some of the indoor air pollution sources include heaters, bathrooms, gas stoves, carpets, household products and materials used in the building such as asbestos, lead and formaldehyde. In addition to some common sense measures like regular cleaning, proper ventilation, using non-toxic products and installing carbon monoxide detector, I've been using four natural "helpers" in purifying the indoor air. I've mentioned some of them before in my other posts, but I thought I'd do a quick summary of the top four.
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